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August 26, 2022
How to select the best mineral makeup?
September 12, 2022
Wow what a weekend we had at NZ Fashion Week! The Eco Boutique team spent 2 days putting makeup on gorgeous girls as part of the Beauty Hub at the Viaduct Events Centre. The guests were high on fashion and ready for some beautiful fun, so we glammed them up with our latest natural & organic skincare and Eco Minerals products from Byron Bay.

Putting 100% pure mineral makeup onto Fashion Week guests

Mums, daughters, besties, models, aunties and fashionistas… we met them all!

What surprised me most were the many variations of skin colour and type that we saw. While 85% of the women had fair European skin types (as opposed to olive and darker tones) there was still so much variation. Some had honey tones, some had peachy tones, I saw plenty of cool tones and others had variations of classic beige. Many of the women said to me ‘I’m so white!’ when in actual fact they weren’t at all.

Girls get their mineral makeup applied at Eco Boutique

This left me wondering how we perceive our own skin tone and how well has our foundation been colour matched in the past?

A common reaction to ‘Do you want your makeup done’ was: “no I’m ok, you should do someone else…”

The classic Kiwi attitude of ‘someone deserves it more than me’

Beautiful gal loves her makeover

Following some reassurance by the Eco Boutique team the women would agree to sit down and have their dusting of pure mineral makeup. No surprises that very single lady loved their beautification experience and many couldn’t believe it was them staring back at them in the mirror.

As confident women of today why do many of us think we are beyond being helped? Why are we so shy to get into the beauty seat? Surely we want to embrace our beauty and treat ourselves now and then?

As Kiwis we can be so backwards in coming forwards, so it was really refreshing to meet some of the younger audience (I’m talking 8 – 12 years) who jumped into the hot seat without a care in the world and said ‘make me look pretty?’ Now that’s the attitude we all should cherish and hold on to for as long as we can!

Young lady has her makeup done

I think if eyes are the window to the soul… your face is definitely the window to your inner confidence. So many girls who had their makeup done wore smiles from ear to ear. Gone are the days of slathering makeup all over your face to cover yourself up. It’s all about using beautiful natural products to enhance the uniquely gorgeous features you already own.

A touch of foundation (in the right shade!) a dash of blush and a pop of eye colour was all it took to make a huge difference for our guests.

If only someone had correctly colour matched me before my 7th form ball – I wouldnt have photos in my memory box of me wearing foundation 2 shades too light looking like an accidental gothic… sighhh!

Thanks to all the ladies who let me take their photo for my social channels and thanks to my amazing team of beauty angels who made all this possible.


  • Start with a bare (moisturized!) face so you can see your skin-tone.
  • Always match onto your face (your arms & wrists are not a true. representation of your skin-tone)
  • Find someone you trust to give you a second opinion.
  • Just do half your face with the new colour so you can see how it looks against your bare face.
  • Try taking a photo in daylight if you aren’t sure of the shade – if the colour is too light you will see it on the camera.
  • Always check what skin type your foundation is best suited to.
  • Get yourself a good natural concealer that matches your foundation (or half a shade lighter)
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