Why Moisturising Your Skin In Winter Is A Must!
September 12, 2022
Best Natural Makeup Removers
September 12, 2022
There is nothing worse than going makeup free and feeling great only to bump into someone who says: “Oh, you look tired”. But don’t kiss goodbye your makeup free days, your skin needs at least one day off, right?

The trick is maximising your natural beauty with a few sneaky little hacks that keep you looking fresh-faced and glowing any day of the week. So here are our 5 Beauty Hacks You Won’t Be Able To Live Without.


You don’t need a full face of makeup to open up your eyes – you don’t even need mascara. So on days when you really don’t want to wear any eye makeup at all, an eyelash curler will lift the lashes and open your eyes. And there’s nothing to wash off. I first discovered eyelash curlers when someone said it’s the one thing they’d take to a desert island – since then, I’ve never looked back.

TOP TIP: These pack into any makeup bag, and they’re the perfect, long-lasting gift for any teen.


If eyes are the windows to your soul, then the brows are the frame. Even when you’re pretty much makeup free, bold brows will lift your eyes and give your face focus. Sometimes it’s all you need!

TOP TIP: Use our Duo Brush with a dash of our Eco Minerals Coco eye shadow to fill in and shape your brows.


If you’re going makeup-free one of the best things you can do is moisturise. But during winter, if your skin looks and feels dull, a cheeky dab of highlighter on the top of your cheekbones, and a little under your brow bone will make your face shimmer with vitality.

TOP TIP: Not only does a little of our Eco Minerals Alchemy illuminate cream go a long way, but you can apply it lightly on days when you’re going makeup free to make your skin shine. And our White Light Illuminator will freshen the dullest of winter skin.


Without the soft sun kisses of summer, your skin can become a little monotone. But in a world full of mineral bronzers, you can brush on your colour and feel your dazzling summer self at any time. Plus, it looks gorgeous brushed lightly on the lids and makes blue and green eyes sizzle. If it’s good enough for J-Lo then it’s good enough for us!

TOP TIP:  Our gorgeous Eco Minerals Exotic Bronzer will lift the cheekbones, deepen the eyes and give you that post-vacay look everyday of the year.


A bold pop of colour on your pout may be all you need to fake that makeup look. Curl the lashes and add a vibrant red, flirty orange or hot pink to your lips and I promise you, not only will you have everyone fooled, but I guarantee you they’ll think you look fab. It’s daring and sophisticated… and you’re essentially makeup free.

TOP TIP: Use a lipliner to shape your lips and create a full and dramatic effect. A tiny dab of highlighter in your cupid’s bow will add extra pop.

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